Thursday, April 1, 2010

21KM!..27 March 2010 by 8pm!!!...yeah i ran & joint the marathon without training at all!!!it was ENERGIZER run!!! 1st half marathon with sheela(rpm instructor of FF) run faster than me in front....the 1 still 10km is ok....but when i reach for the 2nd half leg start calf damn toes kebas giler...but i keep moving...another 11km to middle of the ran my eyes "spotted" a lady fainted wihtout any help...giler ...i pulled "emergency" stopped & gave her help...pitty...almost 10 mins stopped & make my leg/calf/hip "jam" running dont stop but walk...because of emergency helped that i given to the women i knew ready i cant reach on my target time 2H30 mins...never mind lar...the important i must reach at the fisihing line instead not complete the runs.

For last "unfreindly stomach" giving signal to slow down dont push...gosh...mind was on q to God.."Y Y Y"....i almost feel wanna give up as damn pain & i feel want to vomit!!i slow down & push my self to walk fast instead of back off...NO i wont give up that what i do keep remind my was my fight against my body & mind...i wont let the stomach kacau!!keep moving till i saw last 1 km...!!!to go!!i look to my watch & showed 11pm!!>.gosh over the timming!!takper lar i just want to reach pit stop!!!walk slow with holding the stomach pain...leg shivering & i reach the finall stop!!yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! least i did it!!!i face it..i fight it!!I wont simply surrender GOD!!..

i'm suprised that my two best freinds waited me at the finished line & one of them send me sms "chaiyok" hahahaha...thank pals...yeah i made it with all support from you people....

my new mission...of life....Keep stronger...Dont give up ...keep reminding my self..when start make sure reach the pit stop.......!!LET go & run again!!!Funs!!

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