Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week of Pain!!

LAst week was fully terrible day & fullest with muscle pain at my thigh &,,mana taknyer...i did overlimit with my workout!!!..

Is started with my requested song rpmc..hernny@axis...erm unfortunely that tues was so so so busy until i feel so tired & thinking to text her & tell..."hey i'm not coming"...tapi lain pulak jadinyer...i saw sms-es/bumped into my h/p..with note"hey makcik dtng ler awal sikit,gua cover bp before chal"...arrr sudah...!my mind that time auto wake up & that time baru jam 3.30pm!!i finish work @5.45pm & she will conduct the class on that time so how come???how to make it her class lol???arghhhhhhhhhh tension..not easy to get bump into her class weii...ermm..after pikir ponya pikir.."thingggg""...i walk to my bos room & said i wana go back early!!!..quiet surprised the asnwered was YES..without any doubt!!...ooooo rpuanya mood dia bagus...!!

so I texted her ..."aku dtng makcik"!!(herny) 5.15pm i cabut -lrt-axis....ready for her..set up..but someone else turn earlier than her!!guest who!!!!duh sakit kepalaku...sure i will suffered in class!!My mind was thinking only one thin oh pls pls pls u r not going into her class/do the class!!but i was wrong beb!!she joint the clas...berdiri sebalah aku lak tu!! V!!!sighhh..

While waiting outside the cls before cls started..i saw a naugthy eyes...kenyit mata & giving "good" smile ti me...nahhhh...i knew what herny try to say & i pay back with good smile back.ah' was her plan lol!!...

after the clas i surferred dayem pain my thigh & shoulder...put up eqa!!duhhh memng shj dia mengenakan aku lol..gara2 c V in the workout without cheat!!why??how i did that??becaus eher @because i dunt want to let her down as what she have did for me(Pt) track extra weight....i can see V eyes looking toward me...(sigh) was very nice plan by herny..just can say thank beb,,,ada makna tu....finish bp...i run to rpmc.. the cls' died on me...mayb because energy fullest used in mind was so hard fight the pain cross the rpmc line & awesome that i reach 115% by end of the cls!!!wei jantung/dada /peha..all in ONE big freinds pain!!!!

After the cls..sms from hery...body aching??best best early ok..wah..ini apa plan...but admit that the best part i did after so long ...1 yrs..body really aching ...back home & zzzzzzzz....

The night way & the day i waited in maxis dunno that time i can survive@not as my thigh in deeply plan..repeting again i like to move it,kryptonite,true believer..2days in row..leg really sakit!!total 15songs & after the class..cabut balik terus..& zzzzzzz..

the next day mandy texted..& asking about the day gloing through???hahah dah tahu tanya lagi..the answer is i'm over limpinggggg!!!i can feel deeply muscle pain...macam hirisan luka knife!!!thnxs mandy..thanx herny..thanx v...gara 2 anda kini i'm going to rest 3 days in row...massage leg leg leg....hahahaha

u people rock!!!

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